Interview with Cédric Villani

January 21, 2014 | TED News, TED Talks, TEDxOC

Cédric Villani on  Living Theorem, Pop Culture, and the world of Mathematics  Interview conducted and condensed by Avra Kouffman Q.  Which aspect of preparing this TedxOrangeCoast talk did you most enjoy? A.  It’s hard to say.  I’ve prepared many talks — literally, hundreds — since my Fields Medal, but I prepare[…] Read more >>

Interview with Ken Arkind

December 3, 2013 | TED News, TED Talks, TEDxOC

Ken Arkind on what it meant to give his TED talk, “My Name is a Poem,” and what it means to be a professional poet. Interview conducted and condensed by Aaron Aslin Q. When you posted your talk on your Facebook you said this was a very personal talk for you.[…] Read more >>

A Beautiful Mind is everywhere you look

September 3, 2013 | TEDxOC

I was at a social event the other day for volunteers for the TEDxOrangeCoast and it was eye opening. I have been to many of these types of events – as probably all the readers have – and usually you find some people to talk with and possibly bond with. […] Read more >>