Get Involved

TEDxOrangeCoast is a community-organized movement that relies on volunteers and partners like you. We want you with us, as a participant, volunteer, member, speaker, sponsor, or all of the above.

Are you ready to explore new ideas, be moved by visionary thinkers?
Are you ready to gain exposure to concepts you may not have seen before?
Are you ready to checkout from your day-to-day routine, and to enter an exiting intellectual adventure?

If you are ready to get involved, you can help in many ways, including:

  • Stay connected and follow us
  • Read the TEDxOC Blog »
  • Attend the conference and shape the conversations
  • If you know an extraordinary speaker we should consider for a TEDxOrangeCoast event, please nominate them. Your form will go directly to our curation team.
  • Volunteer your time to help to shape various TEDxOrangeCoast events
  • Participate in TEDxTeenChallenge. We’re always seeking nominations for the TEDxTeenChallenge. If you know an extraordinary individual or a team with the talent to make real change in the our community, nominate them.
  • Help us to find vendors willing to donate their products and services
  • Recruit new sponsors to underwrite our events
  • Identify cool experiments or projects to be exposed during our events
  • Write articles and stories to spread the word

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