Adrianna Svitak on Music, Poetry, and Media

June 4, 2014 | TEDxOC

Interview with Adrianna Svitak Conducted and condensed by Aaron Aslin Q. Can you give a little bit of background on where you got the idea to merge poetry and music? A. The idea is an original one. I have different interests and thought, “Why not merge them on stage and[...] Read more >>

Sheron Wray on the Six Fundamentals of Improvisation

May 23, 2014 | TEDxOC

Interview with Sheron Wray Conducted and condensed by Aaron Aslin Q. How did the idea come about for exploring improvisation through jazz? A. I have been investigating improvisation as a research project, trying to examine precisely what it is. It sounds, for many people, like improvisation is this thing that[...] Read more >>

Max Cougar Oswald on Design You Don’t Notice

March 13, 2014 | TEDxOC

Interview with Designer Max Cougar Oswald Conducted and condensed by Avra Kouffman Q. Can you restate your talk’s three main principles? A. The first is transparency, this idea that the best design is the kind you don’t notice. It’s counter-intuitive for most people because they think of design as fancy[...] Read more >>