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There may never have been a better time to host TEDxWomen than following the historic 2012 election when a record number of women were swept into public office largely by women and minority voters. Twenty women will serve in the 100-member Senate and at least 81 of the 435 members of the House of Representatives will be women. Of the newly elected, three women are the first female senators from their states, two have military experience, one is the first Hindu in Congress and one is the first Asian-American woman in the senate.

Why is this meaningful? Aside from the practical matter of having half of the country better represented in its own governance, it indicates that more women than ever are seeking an active role in society, and society agrees there’s value in that.

TEDxWomen continues this theme.

On December 1, TEDxWomen will host a conversation about women and girls worldwide who challenge and redefine traditional rules and roles. The theme is The Space Between, which represents the gray area between black and white and is symbolic of how women perceive their world. Women live in the Space Between — they work, raise their families and relate to the world from there. This conference celebrates the area between extremes, a place women may be uniquely qualified to take us.


Posted on: December 22nd, 2012 | Posted in: TEDxOC

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