A Beautiful Event

In less than two months, we will be experiencing a fabulous event in Orange County- the TEDx Annual Event.   The subject this year is “Beautiful Minds.”  When I first heard of the subject, my initial reaction was the movie about John Nash starring Russell Crowe.  Clearly he had a beautiful mind because he was able to conceive of equations and look at problems in a different way from  the normal person.    But then I asked myself what really is a beautiful mind and who has a beautiful mind?


More importantly, to me, I had to ask a secondary set of questions:   What does this really mean to me?  What learnings can I take away based on what I see or hear from others’ thoughts and/or actions?  And then it struck me.  It is nice to admire a beautiful mind, but more importantly, it is better to be inspired to action based on what I learn.

I honestly cannot say that everyone has a beautiful mind.  There is far too much violence and negativity in this world.  Yet, in general, by keeping your own minds open and searching out others for inspiration, for leadership, for innovations, you will find many ideas that can help you in your own life.   Think about this.   Value diversity. Value different opinions and ideas.   If you have an idea and I have an idea, then we have AT LEAST two.  Why?  Because now I can learn from your reference point.  Maybe I don’t change my idea/mind at all.  But just maybe, I am influenced a little by your thoughts and now I have a different idea because I have challenged my prevailing wisdom. Maybe I can build upon your idea or combine it with all or part of mine.  Then I have at least a third idea, or a fourth or a fifth.

At TEDx, you will have the opportunity to hear many ideas and be inspired by some of them.   I challenge you to adapt some of these ideas and make them your own. I challenge you to consider the ideas and how to take action based on the presenter’s inspiration.  Maybe you were thinking about starting a business, or changing careers, or dealing with a difficult person.   I would suggest that you will find relevancy in the ideas presented that can be used by you in your own lives.   I have always believed that when you go to a conference or event, you should set a goal to take away 3-4 good ideas.  What better venue than TEDx to find those new ideas which can be life-changing.  AND THEN DO SOMETHING WITH THOSE IDEAS. Take action!

Think about the people you will meet at the conference   Talk with them. Discuss the presentations with them. Ask them what inspired them and what they will do with some of these ideas.   Stretch your own boundaries of imagination by being enlightened by letting new thoughts come into your mind

Join us at Segerstrom on Sept 20-21 to hear what many beautiful minds have to say, to learn from them and be inspired by them.   But also talk to other attendees to understand their thinking because what you will find out is they, too, have beautiful minds, and I believe they will find your mind to be beautiful too.  See you there.

David Friedman


Posted on: July 28th, 2013 | Posted in: TEDxOC

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