TEDxOrangeCoast 2012: Redefining Relevance

As the pace of change grows exponentially faster, how will you redefine relevance?


How do you make sense of a world that is constantly changing? How do you solve problems that haven’t been defined? We are faced with a future that holds growing political, economic, and environmental uncertainty. Our ability to adapt and innovate across these challenges will be tied to our ability to remain relevant: to utilize the most innovative technologies, to remain open to paradigm shifts in understanding, to constantly re-examine priorities. To help lead us through this evolving definition of relevance, we are assembling a cast of scientific pioneers, visionaries, storytellers, and provocateurs. These innovators will open our minds to the redefined world of the future. Event Held on October 10, 2012 at the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, it was streamed live to over 22,000 people around the globe, and is still being viewed online today.

Events Details

  • TEDxOrangeCoast 2012: Redefining Relevance is a past event.
  • Location: Segerstrom Center for the Arts

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