Chad Kocher

Chad is currently Marketing Manager at Neudesic LLC, a technology and business innovation company, in which he heads up all events in the Southern California region. He holds an MBA in International Business from Pepperdine University but is also proud of his degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from Kent State University, adding to his wildly diverse background. Chad has over 10 years’ experience in products, technology and digital marketing and has strong ties to Microsoft, Fluidmaster, Home Depot and King’s Hawaiian.

He prides himself on bringing people together and creating memorable experiences that impact people’s lives in a positive way. Having lived in Italy and France studying business, art and design, Chad’s worldly explorations have not only given him an appreciation for “different is good” but has made him keen to new philosophies and ways of communicating. TED provides the perfect outlet for him because he’s able to help others, push towards refreshing ideologies and harness his creativity. His enjoys traveling, all extreme sports, and is a soon-to-be published author.

“My comfort zone is living outside my comfort zone.”