Geline Atienza

The opportunity of organizing events and be successful doing it has become a true joy for Geline.  She has been a USTA Team Captain volunteer for many years, a recreational tennis player participating in charity events such as American Tennis Foundation, The Adoption Guild and Michael Chang Charity tennis.

A tennis enthusiast, she currently organizes several tennis groups playing in different parts of Orange and LA counties, helping “orphaned” or “lonely” players meet and play with others.  Geline also serves as a member of Staff Parish Relations Committee in her local church.

Coordinating (events) for the ultimate goal of having fun is very rewarding.  An addiction to social connection is not a bad thing.

She works as an Office Manager in a medical device research and development company in Irvine, CA.  Geline has a BS Degree in Business Administration and has an Accounting major.  She is a first time volunteer at TEDxOrangeCoast and is truly enjoying being a part of it.