Kelly Lam

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Kelly is a graduate of the CSUF and has had an extensive history working within the community. A true philanthropist, Kelly is involved with several local charities, as well in aiding young professionals to pursue their career.

A yoga practitioner for over 13 years, Kelly’s love for fitness led her to turn a passion into a career.  Leaving corporate America to pursue her dream to help people better their lives through fitness.  The founder and creative visionary behind Om My Soul, Kelly strives to develop a personalized yogic experience for each client.  With a YogaWorks 500-Hour Certification, Kelly creates the ultimate yoga journey teaching both Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.  Currently collaborating with other sports she hopes to bring yoga into every athlete’s regimen.

Continuing to bridge the gap between on the go lifestyles and fit living, Kelly has recently joined partnered with Center for Living Peace in Irvine, CA to teach Seasonal Wellness courses.  Together with this likeminded team she is working to integrate health and wellness into everyday life.