Niko Everett

From Takjikistan to Santa Ana, CA, Niko has taken pleasure and delight in holding mirrors up to others so they can see their own greatness.  Growing up with parents who were loving, but who struggled with addiction she created her own path to launching a non-profit, Girls For A Change, at the age of 25, showing young women around the world that they were unstoppable.  She was eventually named one of the “40 Under 40” up and comers in Silicon Valley, CA.

Niko has an unquenchable passion for making possibilities real.  She was a scholarship recipient at the Harvard Business School’s Non-Profit Management Program, was selected as a Diplomatic Speaker to Tajikisan by the US State Department and has raised millions of dollars to support her work empowering women and girls.

She now lives in Southern California with her husband and young son where she runs the Career College of California, empowering students to move from un and underemployment to sustainable careers and successful lives.