Rick Clay

“This guy knows how to think different (Apple motto), think BIG” —M. Thurston, President, Access International   

 “Rick has the ability to take an idea from conceptualization to full operational status. He is a one-stop source for strategy, tactics and operations.  Rick has proven his value and success in all of these areas. He sees challenges to success from at least 3 perspectives – financial, marketing and technology.”  —D. Atwater, Managing Partner, DMA, Inc.

“I always expect (and get) expert advice and real strategic insight”  —S. Sides, Senior Executive, Microsoft

A ‘design thinker’ long before the term came into vogue, Rick is known for having:

  • A propensity for challenging the status quo
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • An outlook that balances optimism with pragmatism
  • An unconventional comfort with complexity
  • A zeal for connecting random dots

Rick has leadership roles in markets as diverse as consumer finance, auto aftermarket, consumer products, health care,… in companies ranging in size from $2million to over $10billion, leading teams of less than 10 people to over 100.  Rick has provoked innovation and speeded progress at such companies as America Online, Textron, Nestle, as well as several startups. Rick is actively involved with his Alma Mater, UCLA, and enjoys scaring himself on down-hills with his road bike, …as often as possible.