Terry Goldfarb-Lee

As Senior Director of Business Development for Resources Global, Terry Goldfarb-Lee is known as a true connector and relationship builder. Terry has used her skills for over 15 years while helping Orange County-based professional services firm, Resources Global, establish a solid footprint in the Orange County market place. Prior to Resources, Terry’s career included two years as an Executive Recruiter for O’Shea Divine and as Marketing Manager for the Orange County office of Coopers & Lybrand for almost eight years.  She also spent three years as the Membership Director for the Industrial League of Orange County (now the Orange County Business Council). Terry has either sat on the Board of Directors or helped launch several of Orange County’s business and philanthropic non-profit organizations over the years. This has earned her the recognition as one of “The Hottest 25 People in Orange County” according the 1992 OC Metro annual list and also was recognized by the South Coast Metro Alliance in 2002 for ‘Individual Achievement’ as a result of all of her community activities over the years. Due to her years of networking with executives in Orange County, she was mentioned frequently in John Davies book about networking for executives in transition, The $100,000+ Career, and most recently in Ken Tudhope’s new book The Key: A Networking Guide to Meeting, Connecting, and Succeeding.